Tippets: Grizzly Charges Filmmaker, "Boat Chauffeurs," Boo Boy Blogger, Avoiding Sharks

June 28, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

  • Video: Leon Lorenz was filming a mother grizzly and her cub in Robson Valley of British Columbia when suddenly the bear looked right at him and charged.
  • In the Washington Post: Gulf oil spill spawns new career for captains — “boat chauffeur.”
  • Zac Sexton takes role of “Meandering Boo Boy” (blogger) for Montana’s Sweetgrass Rods.
  • How to avoid getting eaten by sharks: Steve Casimiro offers seven take-aways from a new University of Florida study on shark attacks, including “Don’t wear black and white,” and “Don’t go in the ocean.”