Raw Nerve: William Shatner vs. Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance

June 11, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

William Shatner photographed by Jerry Avenaim

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Are sea lice the real Klingons? It was just a few years ago that actor William Shatner rematerialized as an advocate of wild salmon (see “William Shatner, Sea Lice and Salmon“), and apparently his interest in seeing open-ocean farmed salmon operations go out of business hasn’t waned. In a Wednesday conference call about forcing salmon growers to move to closed-containment systems, Shatner said: “My rage is against companies that have no conscience about what they’re doing and that the bottom line is the only thing they think of. What we must do is ensure that the farmed salmon do not destroy the wild salmon.” From the Canadian Press.

This year salmon-farming regulation will be handed over from B.C. to the federal government, encouraging salmon conservationists, many of whom believe that closed-containment systems are the future.

(For more on green salmon farming, see “Tom Brokaw on Farmed Salmon and the Decline of B.C. Rivers.”)

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