The New Ultimate Fly Fisher's Transportation?

May 24, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

Icon A5 Sea Plane

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I’m guessing I am not the only angler intrigued by the appearance of the Icon Aircraft A5 on CBS’s “Sunday Morning” program yesterday. The A5 features the ability to take off and land on both water and terra firma and will come in at only $139,000 — certainly not affordable to everyone, but a price that puts it within reach of a large number of adventure anglers. Businessman and former fighter pilot Kirk Hawkins is testing the plane now for a waiting list of at least 500 buyers.
The A5 is a “light sport aircraft” and fits the new sporting pilot license category created by the FAA jn 2004. You can fold up the wings and put it on a trailer, and the interior cockpit looks more like a car dashboard than a flight simulator.

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