Gear: Five Ways to Keep Your iPhone Dry

May 21, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

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Despite the distaste some anglers have for electronics of any kind, mobile devices will play an increasing role in keeping us up to date — and safe. (Who wouldn’t want dam managers to push release warnings to their pocket device?) For those who’ve succumbed, Apple’s iPhone offers as much versatility as any device on the market, from allowing anglers to stay on top of changing weather and water conditions to offering an easy way to text “Dear, there are too many bugs on the water to leave right now. Don’t stay up.” Of course all that versatility has a price, so protecting your device can become a second hobby in itself.
This morning National Geographic‘s Adventure Travel Blog looks at five cases that will keep your iPhone safe while enjoying the great outdoors. Some of these cases probably won’t be compatible with other types of cell or smart phones, while others fit a wide range of devices.

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