Going In: Getting Serious About Trout Camo

April 19, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

You can plumb your subconscious to decide whether painting yourself up like a turkey hunter or investing in a good pair of knee pads might improve your catch-rates this trout season. Or you can go all the way and write down the dozen or so things C. Boyd Pfeiffer suggests as ways to make yourself and your gear less visible. Just be judicious with the use of Testor’s paint (remember “Army Green”?) on that new Mystic 3-weight.
“The painting could not be easier, since you just splash and slather it onto the rod to cover the blank but leaving the guides, grip and reel seat clear of paint. For fly reels, make sure that you do not paint any touching or bearing surfaces, and only hit the side plate and the outer part of the reel spool. If you do not want to paint your fly reels, you can add masking tape, paint that and then remove it after each day of fishing.” In the Carroll County Times.