After the Freeze: Mixed Picture for Florida's Bonefish and Tarpon

April 18, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

Pete McDonald just completed a detailed interview with Dr. Aaron Adams, head of operations for BTT (Bonefish and Tarpon Trust), in which Adams brings us up to date on impacts of Florida’s “nuclear winter” on bonefish, tarpon and permit populations. Among the good: the largest fish seem to have survived quite well. And the bad: the extent of the loss of juvenile tarpon might not be clearly understood for many years to come.
“There are two major differences between now and cold kill events in the past, with the degree of difference greater when compared to more distant events. The fish have been through this before, and have always recovered. But now there is less habitat (healthy or otherwise) and more people fishing, both of which impede the ability of the fish populations to recover.” On FishingJones.com.

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