Book Excerpt: "Blood Knots"

April 18, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

“Fishing, at such times, is an almost wholly symbolic activity, and to see the pluck and twitch of your line in the current is to know a very particular anticipation. That somehow, in the connection with the invisible forms below, you’ll connect with your own deep history.”
Blood Knots (Atlantic Books, 320 pages, April 2010) author Luke Jennings describes discovering his obsession with fishing, then becoming a fly fisher, in the UK’s Guardian.
In the Independent, Simon Redfern calls the book “startlingly original, its mood switching from the joyful, ‘that billowing, wind-in-the-sails sense of freedom’ he finds in fishing, to the darkly brooding, yet shot through with wit and humour.”
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