Rosenbauer: Ten Tips on Leaders and Tippets

April 14, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

In his latest podcast, author Tom Rosenbauer talks about leaders and tippets, covering leader length, nylon vs. fluorocarbon, leader construction formulas, and several other topics.
“Should leader length vary with rod length?” Answer: “Leader length has a lot to do with how far you’re casting and conditions under which you’re fishing. If you’re in a small stream, and you’re only casting 15 or 20 feet all day long, you probably don’t want to use a 12-foot leader. You might, because it will allow you to high-stick the rod and keep most of the leader off the water, but casting isn’t much fun, because you really need 30- or 40-foot cast to unroll a 12- or 14-foot leader.”