Felt Sole Ban Passes Vermont House

April 12, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

A new bill to ban felt sole wading boots would go into effect in 2011 if passed by Vermont’s state senate. “Banning felt-soled waders in Vermont has drawn fairly muted opposition, at least so far. Manufacturers of wading boots have already begun to develop and offer alternatives and some like Simms are in the process of discontinuing felt-soled waders from their product lines. The Vermont Traditions Coalition, which advocates on hunting the fishing issues, is supporting the ban because of the risk invasive species pose to fish, said Frank Stanley, who oversees government affairs for the organization.” Louis Porter of the Vermont Press Bureau.
“The original bill was a ban on manufacture and sale and it has been amended to a statewide ban on use,” [executive director of Trout Unlimited’s Whirling Disease Foundation Dave] Kumlien wrote. “If Vermont passes, the U.S. would be ‘bookended’ by states with felt-sole bans.”