Interview with Fly Fisher and Photographer Andy Anderson

March 31, 2010 By: timromano

TR: Tell us a little about yourself.  Do you have a significant other?
AA: Yes, I have a wife of 31 years and three children. I just purchased a drift boat and I’m loving it. I also have a Airstream that I use when I’m on location. 
TR: Where do you live?
AA: I live in a very small town in Southern Idaho called Mountain Home. 
TR: How long have you been shooting photos of fly fishing? I believe you had mentioned that’s what brought you to photography.
AA: I have been shooting about 20 years. That is true, I have been a angler/flyfisherman most of my adult life. I used to guide in Alaska in summertime. Carrying a camera is something I have always done. Brian O’Keefe, Val Atkinson and Tom Montgomery were my early inspirations.
TR: You just landed the cover of Fly Rod & Reel right? The March issue I believe?
AA: It’s a great “split screen” image of a salt water fisherman on a flats boat.  
TR:Can you tell me a little about the situation?
AA: Nothing special, just a picture of very camera-conscious person named Brian Grossenbacher… joking. Brian is a very good friend of mine, and also a great photographer.
TR: I know more of your work from outside the industry and I must say I’ve looked up to and really admired your style for quite some time now.  How would you define your style?
AA: Wow, thank you. Well not sure, but I guess classic. I shoot all formats and types of camera. I think I have the world’s largest collection of Graflex 4×5 Cameras. I simply love these cameras. I shot the 2002 Winter Olympics with them and I really think that they are fantastic.
TR: Do you remember the first time you thought to yourself I can make money taking pictures? Or has that always been the goal from the get go?
AA: Never, I just loved to fish and taking pictures.
TR: Where have you been published?
AA: Outside, Men’s Journal, The New York Times, Garden and Gun, Forbes
TR: Who are your main clients?
AA: Ram Trucks, Harley Davidson, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corp, Liberty Mutual, and many more.
TR: What’s been your most memorable fishing trip in regards to photography?  
AA: Why? New Zealand, the landscape is Fantastic
TR: On a typical shoot what do you bring along?  I’m not talking about everything you own, but what’s in the bag?
AA: A Graflex 4×5 and a small Lieca
TR: What single tip would you give a person looking to hone their skills as a photographer? Specifically in regards to fishing?
AA: Put down your rod and observe what is happening. Become a student of the craft. Look at artwork, look at books, and make it your passion. 
Andy’s Work can be found at www.andyandersonphoto.com