G.Loomis Will Introduce New Super-Light Rods This Summer

March 25, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

Our sources at G.Loomis tell us that a multi-year effort to come up a better combination of graphite material and epoxy resin chemistry has resulted in a brand new line of extremely light fly rods. The rods — to be announced to retailers at the ICast show in Las Vegas on July 14 — are still being kept secret, but Steve Rajeff, G.Loomis design engineer, told us this morning that they will cause anglers to say “Wow” when they pick them up. “In terms of personal experience,” Rajeff said, “it takes more than 10% — probably closer to a 20% — reduction in rod weight in order for fly fishers to notice a real difference.”
G.Loomis’s new top-of-the line rods will use a unusual graphite fiber construction along with special epoxy additives, making them unlike anything on the market. Justin Poe, G.Loomis brand manager, says the new G.Loomis offering “will be as revolutionary as the GLX series when they first came out 17 years ago.” In addition to a projected 16 offerings in the fly rod category, G.Loomis will make 14 bass, spinning and cast rods with the new process. The price of the new fly rods will start in the $700s and go up from there, according to Poe, who also confirmed that the new series will be available from retailers beginning August 13.