Big Snakes: Adventures with Reptiles in South Florida

March 9, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

MidCurrent reader Collin Ross sent in several pictures last week as proof, perhaps, that no matter where you go in south Florida, your chances of seeing a snake over ten feet are improving daily. Besides this beast in Big Cypress National Park, Ross has captured a 9-footer in Everglades National Park and an 11-footer near the old Cutler power plant in Biscayne bay — all of them Burmese Pythons (note that Wikipedia’s distribution map fails to include South Beach).
Of his more recent trip, Ross says: “Since the weather has been junk and damn cold we decided to hit the Cypress Swamp for a few hours. Used to spend lots of time in this place many years back banging on bass, looking at migratory birds, and checking out the swamp lizards. It always has a way of presenting some boggy beauty.” (See more photos.)
“This place has gators galore: probably saw close to 1,000 in only a few hours, many 10-footers. The family was certainly not very comfortable with all the gators, but it would get worse. I was running a tight creek in route home and was about to hit a giant log going 25mph. And as the family gasped I saw what it was…about 14 feet long and 100 lbs.”

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