Book Review: Stroup's "Common Sense Fly Fishing"

March 7, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

John Corrigan reviews guide Eric Stroup’s new Common Sense Fly Fishing, 7 Simple Lessons to Catch More Trout (Headwater Books, January 2010, 140 pages) and says tips like the one Stroup offers about mending within a “corridor” take a lot of guesswork out of trout fishing:
“I talk about a 3- to 4-foot corridor created between the rod tip and fly once the line and fly hit the water. To achieve a good drift, there needs to be a certain amount of slack between the fly and the rod tip, but it must be contained within this space.”
Common-Sense Fly Fishing: 7 Simple Lessons to Catch More Trout on Amazon.