New Tippet Materials: RIO's "IGFA" and Alloy Hard Saltwater

February 26, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

As a somewhat hard-bitten saltwater fly fisher, I’m always interested in new “hard” tippet materials, particularly because stiffer, slicker and stronger don’t always translate into better abrasion resistance. So I’m eager to give the new RIO Allow Hard Saltwater tippet ($4.95 per spool for the 30 yard spools, and $12.95 for the guide spools) a try this spring.
RIO also has a new “IGFA” tippet ($4.95 per spool) that they say is a medium-stiff material “guaranteed to break just under IGFA tippet class standards.”
Read the full press release in the extended entry.

RIO Products announces two brand new tippet materials for the fly angler
IDAHO FALLS, February 1st, 2010 – For the 2010 season, RIO products is pleased to announce the launch of two new types of tippet material:
The new IGFA Tippet is a very reliable, medium stiff tippet material that is guaranteed to break just under IGFA tippet class standards. It is the perfect material for anglers targeting world records and for those looking for a very precise and reliable tippet material. The new IGFA tippet is sold on 30 yard spools, ranging between 2 lb (1 kg) and 30 lb (15 kg) breaking strengths, and has a manufacturer’s recommended selling price of $4.95 per spool.
The new Alloy Hard Saltwater tippet material is an ultra hard alloy tippet material that combines phenomenal abrasion resistance with stiffness to make it the perfect, tough, saltwater tippet material. The new Alloy Hard Saltwater tippet material is ideal for casting the largest of flies and for casting in the toughest of winds – ensuring good turnover in both situations. It is the easiest of hard tippet materials to knot and is available in 30 yard spools between 6 lb and 30 lb. Also available are “guide” spools of 12 lb, 16 lb and 20 lb that have 110 yards per spool. The manufacturer’s recommended selling price is $4.95 per spool for the 30 yard spools, and $12.95 for the guide spools.
Both new tippet materials are available from RIO authorized dealers.
For more details or information contact: Simon Gawesworth, [email protected] or Zack Dalton, [email protected] at RIO Products Intl., Inc. or check out the RIO Products web site at: www.rioproducts.com