Podcast: Tactics for Landing Big Fish From a Boat

January 29, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

Steve Hemkins and Tom Rosenbauer talk about the various techniques you can use to improve the odds of landing big fish from a boat, including tips for fishing from driftboats and boats with high gunwhales, and what to do when the line-to-leader connection reaches your tip-top.
“There are two things that can go wrong. One is that you can break the fish off. The other is you can break your rod. You can break your rod and it a lot of cases you can still manage to land the fish. But you want to get yourself in position for the critical moment of the fight where not only are you protecting your equipment and using it to your advantage to subdue the fish, but you are also doing so in a manner that if the fish makes a run at the last minute he’s not going to break off.”