Photography: A Tripod Made From A Screw And Some String?

December 23, 2009 By: timromano

I get a lot of questions on how to take better pictures from friends, colleagues, and family members. Most of the time I bumble my way through an explanation only to get that confused look on someone’s face. Many photographic problems, while relatively simple, I frequently over explain. That’s why when really expertly articulated and easily understood tips come along, I like to point people in that direction.
Take Data Doctors’ Ken Colburn’s, Tips for Taking Better Holiday pictures for example. Yes, I know this isn’t fishing related, but the tips are great and can be applied to all kinds of photography. Colburn answers questions about blur, zoom, flash problems, and my personal favorite that I’d never heard of – making a poor man’s tripod with a screw and a piece of string. No kidding… If you can stomach the 30 second ad before the piece I highly recommend watching the video for ideas to help your fishing photography.