Podcast: Ten Bonefishing Tips

December 21, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

Kyle with an Andros Big Boy

Image by Luyen Chou via Flickr

This week Tom Rosenbauer lists — after commenting on freshwater line mending basics — ten tips for improving your bonefishing.
“Number One: After you make a cast to a bonefish, you need to immediately make sure that the line is tight. What happens often is that a guide will be poling a boat, and all of a sudden you see a bonefish coming. This is an ideal situation, because you can cast your fly and make it seem as though it is fleeing the fish. That’s a situation where the bonefish is most likely to take your fly. So the boat is still moving toward the fish, the fish is still coming at you. And if you make a cast and strip in the normal way, the normal speed that you strip for bonefish, the boat may be overtaking the line and you’re not moving the fly at all.”

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