RIO Introduces "Sweet Spot" Coloring, More Welded Loops

December 12, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

Dual-tone coloring — which shows the “sweet spot” in fly lines — has become a very popular feature of RIO’s higher-end fly lines in the past few years. Now the company has decided to incorporate the coloration in all of their trout series, they announced this week.
RIO will also add welded loops on both ends of the premium trout and saltwater lines.
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RIO Products announces two major improvements to its premier trout line series
IDAHO FALLS, December 1st, 2009 – DualTone™ is a system unique to RIO that marks the sweet spot of a fly line with a color change in the line. The color change gives anglers a visual reference point of where a particular line loads their rod.
Anglers have been testing RIO’s DualTone system for a number of years in two premier trout lines; the RIO Gold and the WindCutter II. Between the success of these products, and the positive feedback from RIO’s field testers and anglers, RIO decided to feature the DualTone™ load locator system to all of RIO’s trout lines including the popular RIO Grand, and the new Trout LT and Indicator lines.
The design of every fly line taper, its most likely application and each line size are all carefully taken into account and the location of the color change is unique to each individual fly line. Each line has been tested on a selection of rods to determine the exact point on the line that achieves optimum performance on a variety of rods. Casting the DualTone™ Lines makes it easy to see the pickup point, how much line to hold in the air when false casting and when to make the final cast.
Welded loops in both ends
RIO was the first company to manufacturer all its premium lines with a neat welded loop in the front end. Due to popular demand, RIO now includes welded loops on both ends of the premium trout and saltwater lines. There is no quicker way to rig a fly line than to tie the backing to a loop with an improved clinch knot or tie a large loop in the backing to change lines quickly in the field. Never before has it been so easy and fast to rig a new fly line to a reel, or to change lines to meet changing fishing conditions. Anglers will spend more time on the water fishing, not rigging.
For more details or information contact: Simon Gawesworth, [email protected] or Zack Dalton, [email protected] at RIO Products Intl., Inc. or check out the RIO Products web site at: www.rioproducts.com