Nikon Offers $100,000 Award Celebrating HD Video

December 5, 2009 By: timromano

Camera manufacturer Nikon is celebrating the release of their new camera, the D5000 by offering up $100,000 dollars to the person sends them the best 140 second video about you and one day in your life by December 15th.
The site, nikonfestival.com wants to see what, “A day through your lens” looks like.
The festival sates, “To celebrate HD video within the Nikon D5000 we’d like you to show us “A Day through your Lens.”
So what’s it like to be you? Capture the essence of your day in a video of 140 seconds or less. It can be funny, touching or profound. It can be about everything you did, everything you didn’t do, the day’s biggest dilemma or its most telling detail.
Upload your video here and instantly share it with your social media networks rather than sending the same old updates. How? When you upload your video you can automatically share your video with your Twitter followers and place it on your Facebook feed, so your friends can also view your day and vote on your video.
Although you’re not required to use a specific camera, your video will be judged on image quality, originality and the ability to capture a day through your lens in 140 seconds. So get as creative as you want to be when capturing your day.

I have a feeling my fishy brethren can come up with some up with some very cool and unique videos. The rules state that you do not have to shoot with a Nikon product, so get cracking…. Just remember who you heard it from first when you win that $100,000 bucks. 😉

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