Apps for That: Tides, River Flows and Weather

December 4, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

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Chances are, if data useful to fly fishers is being transmitted by government devices — be they river flow stations, tidal buoys or weather monitors — someone by now has created an iPhone application that delivers it in graphical format. Stick your iPhone in a waterproof case, and all of a sudden you can have that data at hand virtually anywhere in the world, without worry about damaging your pricey little handheld.
In the San Francisco Chronicle, Paul Oliva writes about all the latest “Apps,” most of them under $25 (or even free), that water-sports participants — including anglers — should find useful. “Tide Graph ($1.99) and apps like it deliver tide, current, sun and moon information. RiverGuide for Kayakers ($4.99) gives real-time river flow information. The NOAA Buoy Data Reader ($2.99) and Boating Weather ($1.99) deliver easy access to government weather feeds.”

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