Dognobbler: Best Beer Name 2009?

November 20, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

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When MidCurrent moved its editorial offices to Fort Collins, Colorado this summer, we weren’t yet prepared for the fermented froth gushing non-stop from the many boutique breweries in town.
But we’ve gotten used to it.
New Belgium, Odell, Linden’s, Coopersmith’s and other small and not-so-small (Budweiser has a plant about three miles removed from main street) breweries seem to think Fort Collins a fine place to brew the world’s third-most-popular drink after water and tea. And it’s hard not to notice the necessary variety of names that mark each beer as different from any other: Isolation Ale, Mothership Wit, Dunkelweiss 30° (Drunkelweiss?), Albert Damm Bitter and Sigda’s Green Chili are all on our list to try. (Full blogger’s disclosure: we intend to pay for all.)
But our favorite new beer name in recent weeks comes from overseas, from the Wylam Brewery, a “virtual pub” located in the UK. Wylam’s “Dognobbler” is “named after a famed fishing fly regularly seen on the River Tyne, this excellent new pale ale has an emphasis on bittering and aroma hops. The three hop beer is refreshing, golden, crisp, bitter and hoppy with more than a little attitude – an [sic] superb additional to the Wylam range of ales.”
Anyone else run into memorable (for any reason) beer labels lately?

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