Tom Rosenbauer: "Why So Many Flies?"

November 7, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

Tom gives five reasons there are so many flies and fly variations out there to choose from. He also reveals his favorite, go-to fly in this latest podcast.
Excerpt: “There God knows how many fly patterns sold in the world today, and that’s just the ones that are sold commercially. When you add fly patterns that may not be commercially any more but are still listed in books somewhere and that fly tiers tie themselves, there are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of fly patterns. Why are there so many? First of all, the good ones never go away. So if you look at a pattern like a muddler minnow, a crazy charlie, the Clouser minnow, Royal Wulff, Dave’s Hopper, pheasant tail nymph… these flies have been around for fifty years or more because they work.”
Tom’s favorite go-to fly? The parachute adams, in sizes 10 through 24.

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