Tom Rosenbauer: Three Tips on Fly Fishing Rod and Line Weights

October 28, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

In his latest podcast Tom Rosenbauer explains why you have fewer choices now than ever when it comes to choosing the number of pieces in your fly rod and suggests that while under-lining a fly rod almost never makes sense, there are several situations that make over-lining a sensible choice.
Excerpt: “There are three tips that I’m going to talk about this morning. One is ‘Should I buy a two- or a four-piece rod?’ The second is ‘Should I always match the rod with the correct line size?’ And then third — which is kind of related to number two — is ‘Should I over- or under-line a fly rod?’ Should I go one size lighter, one size heavier, and under what conditions would I do that?”
“Let’s start with number one. Well, you don’t have much choice these days in a lot of rod models. Because if you notice, for instance, all the new Orvis rods such as the Helios rod are all in four-piece. And there’s a reason for this: you, as our customers, told us you wanted four-piece rods.”