Petzl Creates New Brighter, Fishing-Friendly Headlamps

October 23, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

Fernand Petzl made the first self-contained headlamp in 1973 using the elastic cut from garter belts purchased by his daughter-in-law. More than 35 years later, the family-owned company in the French Alps continues to tweak and improve products that help illuminate everything from tents to caves to fishing boxes for serious outdoors people.
Complete with a red LED to protect night vision while fishing, two new Petzl headlamp models offer 140 (Tikka Plus2, $39.95) and 160 (Tikka XP2, 54.95) hours of burn time. The Tikka XP2 also features a spring-loaded Wide Angle lens for quick transitions between flood and spot beams.
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Petzl’s New TIKKA2 Series Headlamps are Brighter and More Versatile Than Ever
(Clearfield, UT) Leave it to the inventor of the first modern headlamp to bring out two new high-tech models that are up to 54% brighter than previous Tikka models — and more versatile than ever. The Tikka Plus2 and Tikka XP 2 each feature a white high-output LED for brilliant illumination and a red LED to protect night vision while fishing.
The Tikka Plus2 delivers 50 lumens of light in maximum mode and illuminates up to 35 meters. The Tikka XP2 delivers 60 lumens and lights up to 60 meters – and also features a spring-loaded Wide Angle lens for quick transitions between flood and spot beams. In the economic mode, the Tikka Plus2 achieves a burn time of 140-hours and the Tikka XP2 lasts an incredible 160-hours. Both models feature battery charge indicators that warn you when the batteries need replacement.
An integrated red LED on both lamps provides lighting that preserves night vision and won’t disturb others. The LED can also be switched to a blinking mode for signaling or for improved safety during emergencies. Both headlamps can be used with lithium batteries to reduce weight and increase performance – especially in cold weather. The Tikka XP 2 comes with a miniature safety whistle integrated into the headband.
The new Tikka 2 models are made in France, water-resistant to IP X4 (complete emersion), and come with a 3-year guarantee. For more information, visit www.tikka2.com. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price for the Tikka Plus2 is $39.95 and $54.95 for the Tikka XP2 .
Petzl TIKKA2 Series Headlamps (continued)
Petzl is a family-owned company located in the heart of the French Alps where they design and manufacture high-performance climbing and rescue equipment for alpine exploration, ice climbing, working at height, and search & rescue operations. Founded by legendary French climber and caver, Fernand Petzl, the company is currently led by his son, Paul. For over 50 years, Petzl has been developing innovative tools and techniques used by those entering the vertical world. Today, the Petzl brand is closely associated with adventure, exploration, rescue, and many notable exploits in the worlds of rock climbing and alpinism. Petzl products are distributed in North America by Petzl America, located in Clearfield, Utah.
For more information log on to www.petzl.com.
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