MidCurrent 's Annual Fly Fishing Product Review: "Four Feet of Anything"

bennett_ffr_200.jpgLots of readers asked us by email how this year’s Fly Fishing Retailer Show turned out. Our answer: manufacturers seemed more energized than last year, with products from designers who had clearly favored “smart” over “gimmicky.”
A very short list of examples: Simms designed more effective bug-repellent fabric into their new shirts. St. Croix is building impressive rods that cost just over $100. Patagonia‘s created what may be the most bomb-proof duffel ever. Orvis is building thermoplastic-resin blanks for a new lower-priced rod series. And Scientific Anglers got Kelly Galloup to design some remarkable variable-sink-rate streamer lines. That’s just a bit of evidence that fly fishers will have everything they need — and more –in the way of improved gear for 2010.
We’re happy to present the full picture in our annual review of new fly fishing products, “Four Feet of Anything.”

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