Simms Headwaters Taco Bag

September 11, 2009 By: zmatthews

headwaters_taco-bag.jpgYou get the cool, you get the weird, sometimes you get both. We recently visited a super awesome restaurant in Dillon, Montana, about an hour or so from the Simms campus in Bozeman. The Taco Bus doesn’t have a website (heck, I’m not sure it has a permanent location!), but it sure does make an awesome chorizo taco.
So I’m not saying the guys at Simms were inspired by the actual Taco Bus to make their interesting (and useful) new Headwaters Taco Bag, but there’s a pretty good chance that Dos Equis were being consumed when the product was in the “design stage.”
What you see is what you get: the Taco Bag is a wet wader bag which will hold up to two pairs of waders and boots. It’s ventilated, and, well, it’s shaped like a taco. You open it up on the ground, stand on the circle, de-wader, then zip it up and walk away. Simple; genius; cilantro $.30 extra.
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