New from Cloudveil for 2010

September 10, 2009 By: zmatthews

Cloudveil seems to have decided to update and consolidate its existing market positions (translation: everything old is new again, but none of the new things break any radical new ground, as Cloudveil did by introducing its Crystal Creek wader pant back in 2007). They’ve streamlined a lot of existing models, unquestionably upgrading every product their designers have tackled.
For instance, the revised Hellroaring softshell coat now sports a hood and radio-welded pocket seams (making it even lower profile than before), for the same $200 as last year’s model. The 8X Jacket has morphed into a completely new high-end coat, the Snake River Pro Jacket, which is a lighter-weight model using the new Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric (meaning it won’t quite stand up on its own, like a brand new 8X might have).
Probably the coolest new product is the Gros Ventre (pronounced “Grow Vahnt”) Wader, a $200 lightweight model made with four-layer “Cloudburst Emergence” (a proprietary fabric) up to the waist, and “Cloudburst 2.5” in the upper. (Cloudburst 2.5 sports a special coating that gives it the extra half-layer kick, according to Cloudveil’s reps). Functionally, the upper part of the wader is much lighter weight and a darker green color (giving the whole wader a two-tone effect, which is actually a throwback to their original 2005 designs which never made it to market). This upper rolls down and darn near disappears into a built-in pocket at waist level, making conversion very simple and clean.
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