Live from the Fly Fishing Retailer: Scott Fiberhammer

September 10, 2009 By: zmatthews

We’re live at the Fly Fishing Retailer Show in Denver, Colorado right now (in fact, I am sitting inside an Airstream trailer in the Simms area; this is where many of the fly shops order their yearly inventory supplies. Simms has very generously donated internet for us to blog for you all.) Throughout the next three days, we’ll be bringing you live updates on some of the most unique items we can find at the show.
First up, Scott Fly Rods‘ bizarre, and bizarrely awesome, new “Fiberhammer Two Hand Assist,” rod, a 10’6″ fiberglass switch rod. The rod is four pieces, with sleeve ferrules on the bottom two joints (for structural support according to Scott’s Ian Crabtree), and an internal ferrule (like that on the G2) at the tip junction (to allow for a lighter tip feel).
In my admittedly poor attempts at spey casting the rod on the cramped casting pool, I was able to deliver snake rolls and switch casts to 80′ easily. Meanwhile, the rod really comes into its own with an overhand delivery (using the left hand to haul on the line). At 10’6″, it’s still entirely feasible to throw this rod overhand. I hesitate to speculate on the total distance one could reach with this system, but I know it’s well over 100′. For steelheaders in the Pacific Northwest and also white bass fishermen in my native Arkansas, this is a spectacular stick.
The Fiberhammer ($625) is black with silver wraps and an unsanded (but glossy) “snakebelly” finished blank.
Have questions you want us to relay to the manufacturers at the show? Share them in the Comments section and we’ll do our best to get them answered!