Show Time! (Or Not?)

September 9, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

It was only a year ago that we walked the floor of the Fly Fishing Retailer show and heard almost as many conversations about the coming economic collapse as we did about the hot new item for 2009. Yet we’re all (mostly) still here, and despite scheduling conflicts, rivalries, and fiscal challenges, fly fishing show and convention producers still manage to float enough product, personality and purpose to draw thousands of attendees.
This morning in the Denver Post, Charlie Meyers looks at the rumors swirling around the FFR show’s future and says its a sign that, as an industry, we’re still living on the edge. “The world of fly-fishing comes to Denver on Thursday. Question is, how much of it will be coming back? The three-day Fly Fishing Retailer show at the Colorado Convention Center once again gathers representatives of the trade for an orgy of buying and selling that will showcase the products that will appear on the shelves of your favorite fly shop next year.”