Performance-Enhanced Rainbows, On Their Way to a Stream Near You

September 5, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

If Mark McGwire had eaten only creatine-laced rainbows, would he still have set the single-season home-run record in 1998? If one were seeking a world-record trout, would the extra muscle mass of juiced fish be offset by the five-old stamina increase promised by chemical enhancement?
Ok, those are the silly questions, but there are some interesting — some would say disturbing — possibilities raised by the research of fisheries expert Rob Hayward, including the potential to increase aquaculture productivity.
“If Creatine-laced rainbows are in fact a better fighting fish and eventually become mainstream, some worry that our environmental standards will erode. After all, fish managers can just release more Creatine-enhanced trout into our streams and rivers without having to worry about water quality, they say.” Babe Winkleman on PineandLakes.com.