Tapply's Tips for Spooky Trout

August 14, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

This week in MidCurrent‘s “Fine Lines,” Phil Monahan pays tribute to Bill Tapply, who died on July 28 (see “Author William Tapply Dies“), by noting the late author’s advice to anglers who are new to fishing spooky trout. Here are five simple ideas — tenets, really — that will help you fool wary fish in bright conditions and clear water.
Step 1: Locate the Fish. If you can spot a fish or see rises, this is simple. If there are no visible trout, you need to focus on the most likely holding water. Tapply notes that the largest, wariest fish often hold in places that are hardest to cast to or where it’s very difficult for an angler to get a good drift. This is no coincidence. Look for big trout in slower water, in shadows, and close to obstacles, such as weeds or wood.”