Keeping Stuff

When you ponder the private fly fishing collections that lie stashed away, only occasionally revealed by a death or via the curiosity of smart people, you begin to sense that those most valuable to the sport don’t belong to celebrities, politicians, or society’s notables. A perfect example: the memorabilia of Chauncy Lively and George Aiken, one a writer and fly tier, the other the founder of the Family Tyes fly fishing clubs. They fished together for 50 years and collected 20-some Paul Young rods, among other things. “‘These men left quite a legacy and I wanted to be sure it is honored,’ said [artist Nick] Kratofil, who will deliver the displays to the museum association’s repository near Boiling Springs tomorrow, adding to an impressive collection of books, photographs and tackle from the estates of Vince Marinaro, Charlie Fox and other Pennsylvania-bred legends.” Deborah Weisberg in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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