Fly Fishing People: Microsoft "Bing" Guru Chris Ward

June 11, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

For the first time it looks like Microsoft has a chance of taking market share from Google in the battle over Web search. The marketing brains behind their shiny new product, “Bing,” is a former newspaper journalist, an environmentalist, dad, and 13-year Microsoft veteran who also has a passion for fly fishing. In fact, Chris Ward will be spending a few weeks of his upcoming sabbatical fly fishing in North Russia, British Columbia and Scotland.
Ward on traditional versus new media: “We have come a long way with digital, but there is more we can do. There is still a gap between consumer use and online ad spend, but the gap is closing. We have to make advertisers feel comfortable with advertising online. Some of us still read newspapers, but as an advertising medium, press is less effective than online.” Sara Kimberly in MediaWeek.