Fly Fishing Video: "Advanced Nymph Fishing – Hinged Leaders"

50 to 90% of a trout’s diet consists of subsurface food, depending on the species of fish and availability of hatches. And as any converted dry fly purist can tell you, nymph fishing demands at least as much study as drifting dries, if only because fishing beneath the surface offers so few clues from both the fly and the fish. In this week’s MidCurrent video, John Smeraglio demonstrates a particularly effective to fish subsurface: using a single nymph with a strike indicator on a hinged leader. The video comes from Smeraglio and Hafele’s new “Advanced Nymph Fishing” DVD, which contains almost 3 hours of detailed instruction on everything from setting up single and multi-nymph systems to modifying mending techniques for better results.
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