Environmental Professor On Museum's Cheney Decision

May 27, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

On Moldy Chum, environmental ethics professor Sam Snyder — who is a long-standing member of the American Museum of Fly Fishing and is soon to be John H. Daniels Fellow at the National Sporting Library — challenges the Museum’s well-publicized decision to invite Dick Cheney to their annual fundraising event this fall. “At the AMFF, in its galleries, on its book shelves, and in its storage rooms, we find the sacred artifacts of our sport (rods, reels, flies) and the stories (both published and written in personal journals) – all of which track the growth of technologies, shifts in rod building, and advances in fly tying. Throughout all of that, however, we also find details of the evolution of our varied ethics and relations to nature, streams, and the fish we pursue with religious passion.”