Going Full In

I’m not sure anyone ever forgets their first flailing submission to the strength of a fast-moving trout river. The most athletic swimmers are easily frightened — as well they should be. But it’s in the period afterward, when you are sitting on the bank, getting warm and reflecting on your mistakes, luck and future, that real doubts set in.
In case you’ve forgotten the experience, an excerpt from Scott Sadil’s upcoming fiction collection Lost in Wyoming in Gray’s Sporting Journal will have you losing your footing in no time at all. “At the lip of the chute, Sarah’s downstream progress abruptly stops. She’s spun by the current, lifted, and pulled straight and forced flat on her stomach into the surging surface before she understands that her rod or line has snagged on something. Head up, current pressed to her neck, she tightens her grip, refusing to let go of the most expensive piece of sporting equipment she’s ever owned.”
Lost in Wyoming: Stories (Barclay Creek Press, July 2009, 208 pages) on Amazon (pre-order).

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