A Long Way From the Green River: Dan Cook Halfway to Gulf

“He’s experienced snow, sleet, fog and sunburn, all while seeing no one other human on the river. Pulling the two oars for 12 to 14 hours per day sees him burning about 5,000 calories daily. ‘It is not a leisurely transit down the river,’ Cook said.” In the Sioux City Journal, Bret Heyworth writes about Dan Cook’s 3,700-mile journey from Montana to the Gulf of Mexico to raise awareness and funding for disabled veterans.
You can also follow Cook on his trip via the Rivers of Recovery Web site, where videos and daily tracking map show his progress. If you had any doubts about the difficulty of journey, check out the clip “Riding the Wind” in the video section (it appears under “Live Webcam” when you click on the left-side link).

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