Tom Rosenbauer on Fly Fishing Early-Season Baetis/BWO Hatches

In his latest podcast author Tom Rosenbauer talks about the best patterns to use during early-season Baetis hatches.
Excerpt: “You may have heard of these little brownish-olive mayflies called ‘olives,’ or ‘blue-winged olives.’ Some people called them ‘blue quills.’ Baetis is the Latin name for the genus of these flies, so a lot of fly fishers use the term ‘Baetis.’ They’re also called ‘little olives’ and ‘pale olives’ — there’s lots of different names for them, but the Baetis genus of mayflies are all kind of olive or olive-brownish in color. They range in size from a 16 to a 22 or even a 24. The most common ones early season are about an 18 or a 20. But the Baetis mayfly is the most common mayfly in the world.”

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