Jack Dennis's "20 Places to Fish in the Rockies Before You Die"

Aaron “Chubbs” Peterson and friends attended the 16th annual East Idaho Fly Tying and Fishing Expo in Idaho Falls last week and came away with a considerably longer list of great northern Rockies fishing spots, thanks to Jack Dennis. They posted the 20 spots — or more accurately, experiences — on the FlyFishingFrenzy Web site and it’s worth a long look, even if you are a veteran Western trout addict. Lots of interesting stuff here, including Dennis’s take on fly rods: “Jack went on a little rant at this point in the presentation that you need to invest in a 4 piece 3 wt rod and not to buy a $500 rod, and that no one should own a $500 + rod. He apologized to Sage and other expensive rod companies, but said St. Croix makes a fantastic 4 peice 3 wt for $180.”

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