Reel Estate: $33 Million For Kilmer Pecos River Ranch

April 17, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

Val Kilmer, whose 6000-acre ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico has been home to a fly fishing lodge for several years now, just listed his entire property with real estate broker Orvis/Cushman & Wakefield after failing to sell parts of it in recent years. “The star of “The Doors” (1991) and “Batman Forever” (1995) assembled the ranch roughly 13 years ago. In 2006, he asked $18 million for 1,800 acres of the property, including the main houses. In January Mr. Kilmer offered those houses on a 1,000-acre parcel for $9 million, down from $12 million a few months earlier.” Christina S. N. Lewis in The Wall Street Journal.