"Ax Men" Crew Busted For Removing Logs From Hoquiam River

Washington state DNR officers tracked down a father-son team from Aberdeen-based S&S Aqua Logging after begin tipped off that they were seen removing logs from the Hoquiam River on the popular television show “Ax Men.” The logs, according to the logging company, were worth $10,000.
“Logs provide a key function for rivers in trapping sediment, harboring insects and other food for fish, and creating pools and riffles where fish can rest, said Greg Hueckel, fish and wildlife habitat programs director. ‘They are part of the functioning ecosystem, so removing the log would be like removing part of the bed,’ he said.” From the Associated Press.
Apparently, S&S Aqua Logging has built a sizeable business around removing timber from Washington waterways.

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