Video: Charles Rangeley-Wilson's "Bonefish"

March 2, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

There are plenty of fly fishers who, like Charles Rangeley-Wilson, say of that if they could give up everything for a single fish, it would be bonefish. But there aren’t many people who can communicate the excitement of bonefishing the way Rangeley-Wilson can. This week we add a clip from the writer and photographer’s recent “Bonefish: A Fishing Odyssey.”
Excerpt: “It is like a drug. I think that’s what it is. What is it about bonefish? You know every fisherman asks themselves, ‘If I could give up everything, for one fish, in one place, what would it be?’ And the more I go, the more I’m sure it would be a big bonefish in the Caribbean.”