In Search Of Better Duct Tape

February 26, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

My very left-brainy brother once told me that you can fix anything with Bondo, string, and duct tape. I’ve learned to trust his instincts on matters of this sort, even if I have a hard time imagining a role for Bondo in any elegant mechanical solution. I do make absolutely sure to have a roll of duct tape (duck tape, if you prefer) handy in my utility closet, skiff, travel bag, and rig. It just makes me feel better. I’ve taped broken tarpon rods together during a fish fight, repaired rod cases dragged along the Belizean airport tarmac for hundred yards, wrapped it around fingers turned raw from stripping fly lines, and even staunched a few serious bleeds.
You can imagine, then, why finding 3M’s “Nuclear-Grade” Duct Tape on Amazon for less than $14
got my attention. What makes it worth notice: 6-month clean removal from most opaque surfaces; and sunlight and UV resistance for up to one year without the backing deteriorating or delaminating. Sure it’s made for shipbuilding and nuclear power plants. But fly fishers have never been shy about borrowing high-tech solutions for simple problems. Why start now?