New Books: Meck's and Weamer's Pocketguide to Pennsylvania Hatches

Marcus Schneck reviews the new guide to Pennsylvania hatches just out from Headwater Books. Pocketguide to Pennsylvania Hatches (January 31, 2009, 160 pages) by Charles Meck and Paul Weamer pays close attention to phenology — the study of periodic natural occurrences, such as blossom appearance and migration — as background to insect identification and pattern selection. “Individual entries provide essential information for each insect, such as common and Latin names, size range, time and date or emergence, descriptions of all the life stages, behavior and tactics, notes on the streams with premier hatches of that insect, the recipe of materials to use in tying the imitation, and special notes about the insect.”
Pocketguide to Pennsylvania Hatches on Amazon.

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