New Fly Fishing Iceland Web Site

An interesting new Web site on fly fishing for Atlantic salmon and sea trout popped up this weekend. Angling Iceland ( is a collaborative effort of several of the country’s outfitters, is organized by river, and includes details on full-service and “self-catering” (smaller, self-serve) opportunities on a few dozen Icelandic rivers. It also contains info on topics as far-ranging as hair-wing salmon flies, April Volkey’s “girl school” on the Midfjardara, and the huge brown trout of Minnivallalaekur: “Then, as I had completed a cast and was stripping the fly back over a more shallow stretch a huge splash almost gave me a heart attack! It was almost as if a full grown human being had fallen into the river. The brown had been following the fly and suddenly decided that it was not going to let it get away.”

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