Make-Up For A Blond Fishing Goddess (Or, Lipstick on a Trout)

Perhaps someone should be writing a screenplay of the story behind the first movie adaptation of The River Why. In the February issue of Outside magazine, Abe Streep explains how, despite ongoing disagreement between the producers and author David James Duncan, the first movie to capture a naked woman landing a steelhead was completed and made ready for its upcoming premiere this March. “Thomas Cohen bought the rights from Duncan’s publisher, Sierra Club Books, in 1984, hoping the project would launch his filmmaking career. Cohen asked Duncan to write the script. ‘Tom said he’d pay me $6,000 to write the screenplay,’ says Duncan, now 57. ‘I said, Oh, great. I can write a screenplay for a guy I don’t want to work with and impoverish my family. That was the end of that.'”

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