Video: Gary LaFontaine on Small-Stream Pocketwater

Pocketwater is a puzzle to most fly fishers, both because of its zig-zagging currents and because wading and positioning is so often a challenge. In this latest addition to MidCurrent‘s video collection, LaFontaine gives tips on fly size and casting strokes, and offers excellent small-water advice, like false-casting to the side so that water coming off the fly doesn’t spook the fish.
Excerpt: “You’re making short casts. And your equipment has to be tailored to that casting style. You have a six- to seven-foot leader, tapered 3- or 4X, and generic flies: generic mayflies, generic caddisflies, generic attractors. So that’s all sounds pretty easy. But there’s a lesson here that everyone should know. Not only the beginner but maybe even the experienced angler should come and refresh his memory on a stream like this.”
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