Fly Fishing Video Short: "Winter"

Last month, just when it seemed like another winter of slowly rising temperatures would melt every icicle from Maine to Montana, the skies grabbed hold and buried many fly fishers in white stuff. The temptation is to grab a hot drink, sit by the fire and wait it out. But as R.A. Beattie’s video short “Winter” shows, those who are scared off by a little frozen precipitation may miss some of the most extraordinary fishing of the year. Anyone who watches the heads and tails in this clip and doesn’t get excited should be checked for a heartbeat.
Excerpt: “People who don’t live in the mountains are usually surprised when they hear we fish in winter. While it may be cold, this is when some of the best fishing actually occurs. Most of the time you’re nymphing deeper stretches, but when the water temperature rises above freezing, we see fantastic midge hatches.”

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