Video: Dec Hogan Ties the Classic Mahoney Spey Fly

You don’t have to be a fanatical fly tier to appreciate the classic beauty of Spey patterns. There’s something naturally artistic in their design, and much that is mysterious about their effectiveness. This week we offer a video from master steelheader and fly tier Dec Hogan that may help explain why anglers and tiers are drawn to Spey patterns. Watch Hogan explain the steps for tying “The Mahoney” to understand a little of the magic.
Excerpt: “Fly patterns that really get my juices flowing are Spey flies and derivatives of the Spey flies and Dee flies. Long flowing hackles. Simple elegance, if you will. They’re just beautiful, beautiful flies. And a gentleman by the name of Syd Glasso several decades ago brought them to steelhead fishing in America.”

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