"All I Want For Christmas Is…"

John Pitarresi comes up with a pretty good list of items that most of us, if we really think about what we need, might prefer as holiday gifts. Beyond tippet material that is so strong he “could pull the Orient Express from Istanbul all the way to Paris without a break,” Pitarresi suggests waders and hip boots that really fit: “If your inseam is, say, 29 or 30 inches, you are carrying about 25 extra pounds and have a size 11 foot, you — and I — have a problem. I finally found Orvis stockingfoot waders that work, but hip boots remain a problem. If you have big feet, you’d better be 6-feet-2 or better. I’m thinking of just buying the 11s, hacking off the top two inches with a box cutter, and then duct taping them to my jeans.” On UticaOD.com.
We have an answer to his request for an all-purpose trout fly. It’s called an Adams.
Read about the history of the Adams on MidCurrent.

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